Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My progress

Okay, it's been a little while since I reported on how my DIY / synth building is coming along. Well, slowly but surely is the answer. A few weeks ago I received the MOTM-390 LFO kit, and I also reported on using a different solderstation and test soldered a few resistors on the PCB, and that's where I left off, no time found since then, until today that is.
Today, I managed to complete the entire PCB in approx 2 and half hours. No record time I know, but as said before this is no speed contest. Here are a few pictures on how I got along. First one shows the PCB with all resistors in place, next one shows the PCB with the capacitors, a few misc items and all semiconductors, and finally a picture with the pots and wiring added.
This is not a difficult kit at all. Hopefully if tomorrow evening works out just as well, I will assemble the PCB to the front panel and solder the jacks etc, completing the module. Fingers crossed.....


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