Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Update

Here is the latest Update from Paul Schreiber on the situation at Synthesis Technology for the upcoming holiday and beyond.

a) here in the US this is a "short week" due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I am flying in extra tech help for the next 8 days, mainly on assembled VCOs. From Wed PM to Sun PM I will be "almost off work", I am remodeling the game room for my 13yr old son (remove the Winnie the Pooh crap, replace with Lord of the Rings/World or Warcraft crap). Just as a *start*, I threw away 8 33gal trash bags of stuff (1 bag was entirely from under the couch and the cushions....uck!). Indiana is only working tomorrow, so kits will ship the following week (I was hoping to get some out this week, not going to happen).

b) some good news: Bourns shipped the 350 blue panel pots 4 weeks *early*, so that means the maximum number of kits will be able to ship by the 15th. Now, please read the next section closely.

c) I doubt that every single kit will be shipped by Dec 15th. I fully *expect* more than 80% will be. On Dec. 16th, Indiana will cease shipping, and then start packing up what is left to send to me. On Jan 15th, I will then start to ship out all that are left. This will probably take 10 days or so. So, please don't take it personally if you miss the Dec. 15th date. Everyone remember: GC Fuller is doing this as a *favor to me and Paul H.*, they are not making *any money*. It's not the end of the world if you don't get shipped, please don't act like it. I've spent $28,600 in the last 5 weeks buying parts, so everyone will get
their stuff. I hate as much as the next person 'going down to the wire' but as usual, that's what tends to happen. I'm not taking your money and running off to Fuji: mostly it goes to Mouser and Digikey.

d) T-minus 10 days and counting for last of the kit ordering........

e) no reports on the new MIDI-CV code, please test this out this week if you can. Jeff has worked very hard rewriting the code to be bullet-proof.

Paul S.


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