Saturday, November 18, 2006

Solder tip

Here's a solder tip.

This is the standard type " ETA " tip that comes with a Weller WESD51 soldering station equiped with a PES51 "soldering tool".
It's size is small enough to solder on sensitive IC's, yet big enough to allow for sufficient heat transfer when soldering larger components such as 'jack connector' lugs, and the power connectors on the PCB.
So why am I showing you this? A: to give you an idea of the size of a good allround tip if you are a beginner and need to have some sense of scale, and B: To tell you about the new soldering station I'm using. The previous station was over 25 years old (and still working fine), but I thought it was time to go for a new station with digital temperature control and read out. (the read out is accurate within 1 degree, and the tip temperature is stable within 6 degrees (celcius)).I mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again, one of the best temperatures to use for soldering is 360 degrees celcius. (This equals 680 degrees Fahrenheit), its tried and tested, and conforms to MIL spec. (military specifications). This particular station costs $196,- at ALLIED electronics (RS in the rest of the world). Not the cheapest model, not the most expensive either, but worth the money. It will last you a lifetime if cared for properly, and the results will be accordingly. (I did mention the previous station is still working after 25 years of service, with only it's 3rd new tip!). Caring for the tip is the most important. While using it, clean it regularly, on the damp sponge pad provided. NEVER EVER file a solder tip, always clean it while still hot on a sponge. Should for whatever reason, you get a bit of plastic on the tip, (from a wire for example), immediately wipe it off on the same wet sponge.
It will last a long, long time.


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