Monday, November 13, 2006

Synthesis Technology MOTM update

Below the latest update posted by Paul Schreiber, on various issues, but needles to say things are moving steadily forward at Synthesis Technology. If you are not a member of the Yahoo MOTM group, become one now so I don't have to keep reposting these updates, but if you don't want to become a member of Yahoo MOTM group, and prefer this blog for the news, then let me know and I'll keep posting these updates.
Anyway here's the newest news :-)

a) A new MOTM-650 firmware version will be ready this week for testing. It addresses the Sustain Pedal operating with Unison mode bugs.

b) Indiana will be ready to start reshipping kits on Nov. 20th. If you have kit orders pending, be sure your credit/debit cards are ready to go. If you are using VISA, and are overseas, please call your card company and authorize Synthesis Technology not to be blocked as 'Internet Fraud' (this usually happens if the order is over $1200). I don't seem to have problems with Amex or MC/Cirrus.

c) I have been fighting vendor issues all week (the wrong-colored power cables was just one of 3 issues I had to resolve). On the 20th I will have extra tech help arriving for 1 week, mainly for assembled VCOs.

d) most of the old linear Spectrol pots (the black ones) are used up, and so the new white ones will beginning appearing. The log pots will be black until next year, so kits like the '420 and '440 will have both types on the same board. Also note that most new white pots are 149s, not 148s but that is OK, I used 149s for the first 2 years of MOTM (because that's all I could buy). The documentation will be incorrect, just get a pen and scribble a note :)

e) If some of you went to the AH meeting this afternoon, report back :) Robert Rich had the MOTM-730 prototype chugging along.

f) on the Cloud Generator: we are going to add a 1U "expansion module" to control more parameters of the sound. We have a few A/D channels left over, might as well hook knobs up to them. Where else can you get 16 VCOs with 12 control knobs in 1 module?

I owe a few folks odd and ends and email replies, will clear all of that up this week. 2 books for the sale need to ship out, etc.

Paul S.


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