Thursday, October 12, 2006

MOTM Shopping spree

I'm on a shopping spree, but I need to stop now, my creditcard is starting to protest. :-)

I've ordered yet another kit, yes, it's true, yet another one, I ordered a MOTM-300 VCO , which will be my second VCO.
I contemplated a 310 for a while, and almost ordered it, but then I realised, hang on the kit business is nearly over, I would be smarter if I ordered the more expensive modules I have planned for my system as a kit while it is still possible. That way I save more money, and have more fun building these modules too.
A 310 will follow at some point but this will be in the future (sometime next year perhaps), and I've also decided that this 300 is the last MOTM order I place this year. I currently still await delivery of a 101, 390, 440, 910 , a 510 and now a 300, the list is long enough to keep me busy building for a little while and significantly expand my modest modular.
It will turn into a 2 VCO , 2 VCF, 1 s/h-noise gen, 1 dual LFO, 2 ADSR, a Wavewarper (unique!) and one RM/VCA plus midi CV and patch panel once these modules have been received. This should be enough to give a Minimoog and /or ARP 2600 a run for it's money, and it's brand new to boot and much more flexible. :-)


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