Thursday, October 05, 2006

Studio 35D

What's this?

Let me explain, a good friend of mine runs his own webblog, started of in dutch, but switched to the english language recently, which is better for the rest of the world.:-)
He among others is one of te people I correspond with regulary and we discuss all matters regarding synths, music, etc, and this includes modulars like the MOTM.His blog is relatively new, but more material will follow. Be sure to watch his post of his pscycho Yamaha DVD player........It is weird.....
I wanted to share with you two links of music he has recently created, one is for an art project, and the link to this is:
Crying Angels
This piece is a very nice evolving soundscape with some drums thrown in, the other piece below was made totally with only one Sequential Circuits Pro one, recorded track by track in to Logic Express. This song can be found here: Probe One.
Funny actually as I was planning to do a similar experiment with just the MOTM I have now. :-)
Anyway I'd nearly forget to share with you the link to his blog, this is: Studio 35D.



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