Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Patch

Well, not quite, but the picture shows one of my first midi fied patches on my MOTM.
To the left is the 650 midi interface, followed by the MOTM 300, a 800 LFO, 420 filter, another 800 LFO, and the 190 VCA.
With these limited modules I was able to make a few good bass sounds(eventhough it's only a single VCO patch), and played about with the filter and other knobs, to modulate them etc.
Once I get a bit more web 'real estate' I will post audio samples of them, and I also am working on a clear method to actually post the 'patch' , in other words, which cable goes from where to where , and knob settings, so you can actually replicate them.
Until then, this picture will have to do :-)


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