Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've been reading several posts on the Yahoo MOTM community today. One discussion I've read with interest is about cabinet shielding. Now I am not going to repeat everything here, but it did make me think about shielding my own cabinet that I am currently designing. Have you ever heard interference from you mobile phone in your audio signal for example?
I wonder if this would be erradicated if some form of shielding would be used. I'm thinking to use aluminium foil cladding on the inside of the wooden cabinet, and earth these to the mains earth input of the synth. But would that erradicate the interference of a phone.... I guess switching it off is better :-)
Also I read Paul Schreibers ramblings about a redesigned potmeter that Spectrol suddenly started shipping (Part of ROHS compliancy apparently) to him. One of the differences is that the pots are stiffer. I think that could be an advantage in some cases, thinking off fine tuning a MOTM 300 VCO, a stiffer pot gives the perception of better control to me, so I don't think that's an issue that causes me any concern, but it also depends on 'how stiff' the action is. I like a lighter control on my filters as I like to use filter controls while playing the synth, lighter could mean slightly faster action... But it depends on how stiff the control will be. Time will tell I guess......


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