Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August: A good month

Wow, this year seems to fly by, it's August already.
August is a good month for me, I've received confirmation that my MOTM 650 is finally shipping. I will likely receive it on August 5th. When here, I will make piccies and show the module off :-)
Also, august is the month of my birthday, so I guess I could ask for another module as a present :-) Which one to ask for though.....hmmmm
As said, my 650 is shipping, so is the 650 of several other people who ordered one, and some 310's are shipping. Next modnay, even more 650's will ship, another 10. This long awaited module will certainly make a lot of people happy, and midify their MOTM synths, or change their intefaces for one that matches the rest of their modulars.

Watch this space.


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