Friday, July 28, 2006

Module Spotlight : MOTM 440

This is a hugely popular filter in the MOTM line. it is designed to mimic (and more) the filter used in the famous Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev.2 synth.
This was due to the used SSM2040 filter chip. Production of this chip was short lived, but left it's distinct mark on music, as it sounded different from the other popular synths like Moog or Arp designs.

The MOTM-440 offers an updated SSM2040 architecture using matched NPN/PNP pairs and features a switch
that adds in a second audio feedback path to boost bass response at higher Q levels. This makes the filter
"growl and rumble" even more!
In addition, voltage-controlled Q allows for more flexible and unique sweeping effects.
Three audio inputs and three CV inputs make the MOTM-440 the killer lowpass in your system.
The internal gain structure is such that over-driving the filter is now possible (unlike the Prophet 5) to
get even move nasty sounds.

Order an MOTM-440 filter for a fraction of the price of a P5 Rev. 2, but without the worry of obsolete parts!

SIZE: 3.470 inches x 8.720 inches. Mounting holes are 3.0
inches by 8.250 inches (standard rack spacing). #8-32
hardware. Depth behind panel is 4.5 inches.
level attenuators, FM1 (reversing attenuator), FM2.
Switches: BASS (Normal or Enhanced)
JACKS: IV/Oct. FM1, FM2 and VC Q inputs, 3
audio inputs (IN1, IN2 and IN3), OUT.
LEVELS: Audio voltages 10V pk-pk, control
voltage –7V to +7V;
POWER: +-15VDC at 25ma max. Uses AMP
MTA-156 4 position connector and cable


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