Saturday, July 22, 2006

UPdated MOTM news: 940's, 890's

The MOTM 940 patch panel will soon be discontinued, order yours now in the sale if you need one
Same goes for the 890 uMixer, personally I think this would be great mixer for small systems like my own, and I have not ordered one yet and likely will not be able too either due to financial restricitions, after all I still have a 650, a 390, and a 101 on the waitlist to be shipped out... They need paying for first..

Talking about 650's, the new firmware software has now been uploaded.

This new firmware address the following issues:

* Bugfix - Arpeggiated notes now play in sync w/ Beat LED with 1X clock
divisor for all clock sources. NOTE: arpeggiator will now reset
clock to start with first keypress only if set to internal clock sync
with midi clock transmit turned off. All other modes wait until next
clock is received to play the note.
* Bugfix - Eliminated lockups when changing arpeggiator clock source or
Midi clock transmit options.
* Bugfix - Selecting midi clock transmit sends start command.
* Bugfix - Playing the arpeggiator no longer plays lowest note (0). As
part of same bugfix, it no longer requires 2 or more notes to be held to
start arpeggiator.
* Bugfix - Tuning Tables 8-16 now load and play correctly.

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