Monday, June 19, 2006

MOTM module announcement

From Paul Schreiber:

Existing "pre-orders" for the following:


are being removed from the system. As you all know, these have been 'on the
books' for several years. The reality is, due to increases in component cost,
postage, labor and the RoHS laws I cannot ship these at the original prices. FAQ
below. In most cases, the credit card info has changed, people have moved, etc.
It's just too much to deal with.

Q: Does this mean these projects are cancelled??!?
A: No.

Q: When will you have these ready to go?
A: I have no idea. Circumstances have drastically changed over the last 18

Q: What about the Cloud Generator?
A: Front panels are in-house. I have bought tools both for myself and a
consultant that has agreed to assist me. If things go well, I can have
prototypes by Christmas (for people to test). This is assembled only (SMT
technology). The new price will be under $500.

Q: What abut the uSeq?
A: I have many of the parts and the front panels in house. The CPU is being
changed from a 8-bit to a 32-bit ARM. This means a new software rewrite. I can
have hardware by the end of the year but software is an issue.

Q: What about the fixed filter bank?
A: The design is done, and 1 prototype exists. There were only 27 pre-orders. I
am no longer convinced this is a viable business decision. I will revisit the
concept in the Spring of 2007. Price increases in the pots and knobs alone will
increase the price $75 over the original. The panel costs, at this low volume
will be higher.

Q: What about other modules mentioned in the past: VC ADSR, the VC Pulse
Divider, the Envelope Follower, the Triple Pre-Amp, etc?
A: All of these are scheduled for production. I believe there is enough interest
to justify tooling them. The VC Divider will ship first, followed by the VC

I'm sure there are folks that will be upset over this, but again: if you want me
to continue MOTM, I *HAVE TO MAKE MONEY*. This is A HOBBY, I don't have 4 free
employees, I'm not single living in my parent's basement, I'm not content to do
this for $4000/yr pre-tax profit. I *want* to keep going, but is has to be on
*my* terms (shrug).

Paul S.


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