Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cabinet decisions

My MOTM synthesizer is starting to grow slowly now. As you can probably see from the pictures, I've got one set of 19" rack rails (available from Synthesis Technology ) completely full.
My next module is the MOTM-650 midi/cv which is underway and this means I need a place to put it.
Also, as Paul Schreiber rightfully pointed out, the synthesizer as is , is open on all sides. Having a child patching the synth is dangerous if the power would be on (don't worry, the synth was just resting on the floor , not plugged in as I was cleaning up the shelf it normally sits on).
So for safety and aesthetic reasons, I want to make a cabinet for it.
There are several options here, and I have been contemplating to put it in a 19" rack, I still have one laying arround.
However, I don't like the look of a 19" rack. Certainly not for an analog modular synthesizer like the MOTM I am building.
So I've decided to go for wood. I hope to get my hands on some real wallnut wood to make a cabinet out of.
Now what size and what shape to give such a thing?
At present I don't have a lot of space available so I will have to come up with a compact design. ( I innitially designed a 35 module monster synth, but I think I am having to scale down to approx 15 for now)
The 19" rack space is 5 2U modules wide, or 10 1U modules.
The 19" width is a usable width for me space wise, so I have decided to go for a 3 tier 19" wide wooden cabinet, which can house the current 19" rackrails, plus another 2 rows.
Now, I don't want to go for a square box, they look a bit boring. I am dubbing between a design shape like a Moog series 35 modular, be it narrower, or a VCS 3 shape, on which the bottom row of modules faces more or less upwards (but slanted), and the top two rows are facing forwards (but slanted). The last design is a bit less high than the other, but has perhaps the disadvantage that patch cables have a tendency to lay on top of the controls instead of hanging in front of them, which will make playing /operating the synth harder.
The Moog cabinet style, will be taller but doesn't have the problem of patch cables getting in the way as much.

So this is the dillema I am facing at the moment, if anyone out there reads this, and wants to share their tips or experiences, feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail via the MOTM users group at Yahoo.


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