Thursday, May 04, 2006

MOTM-950 power connection board

Hi All,

Thought I'd share a little tip with you today. If you opted for a MOTM 950 powersupply, you'll see that its connection PCB has a mix of 4 pin and 6 pin connectors.
The six pin connectors have an additional 5V and 0V pin for those newer modules that need this (the MOTM 650 midi/cv being one of them).
There are four 4 pin connectors on its board, and six 6 pin connectors.
Up to now I have 5 modules that requier the 4 pin connector, but there are only four of them on the connection board.

The solution is simple.
Just plug it on one of the 6 pin connectors, as the 'pin out' of this connector is near identical to the 4 pin, with the exception that the top two pins are the extra 5 V -0V supply. Just skip those and plug your 4 pin connector on to the bottom 4 pins of this connector.(Orientation is based on the way the power connection board of the 950 is mounted on the back panel of the module)

See picture above.
Hope this solves a problem for you, without having to invest in additional power connector boards if you don't have that many modules yet.

In closing, here is a little pic, that to me shows all the reasons to go for an Analog Modular Synth, knobs, Knobs, Knobs! :-)


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