Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The first module

As promised I would get back to you on my first module building experience.
Wel, here it is.
To start of with, I ordered a filter and a power supply.
The power supply may not be the most exciting, but without it all you can do with the other modules is tweak knobs and stare at it. (I've done that, and I dreamed up some nice sounds in the process :-) )
I went for the MOTM 950, as it has the capability to supply the newest range of MOTM modules like the 650 midi/cv converter.
As I do not own any old synths that have a CV output, I needed a midi cv too at some point, hence the 950.

The fliter I opted for was the MOTM 420, this filter sounds like the one of the Korg MS-20. That particular synth was the first analog synth I played with in a music store when I was about 13 years old, and have some fond memories to that occasion :-)
Another reason to go with a filter first was that I could use it to patch my other synths through it and therefore use the filter without having to invest in other MOTM modules like VCO's etc first.

When the shipment arrived it looked like this:
It was well packaged and the whole shipment was undamaged etc. Also here it seems choosing MOTM paid of!

Once unpacked I was left with a selection of bags like this, all parts are packed by type (resistors seperate from semiconductors etc) and a well written manual.

Following the instructions carefully (even if you are an experienced builder, and I was as I used to build and solder together Wersi organs for a while when I worked in a music store years ago, I'd advise you to follow the instructions step by step), the order fo putting things together makes sense and you can't miss anything that way, making the need for trouble shooting easier if at all needed.
I decided to take my time (and therefore enjoy it a bit longer) the circuit board I ended up with looked like this.

The next day I added the front panel and ended up with my first completed module, a MOTM-420 VCF.

And here it is next to the completed MOTM 950 powersupply, using a set of rackrails by Synthesis Technology.

Until next time!


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