Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why MOTM ?

I supose I should answer that question first.

I've been active with synths for several years now, I guess I have about 15 years of synth ownership under my belt, and probably a good 25 years of knowing what a synth is and that I liked the sounds and looks. Fact is, the first synth I saw was an analog modular system on the back of a rather cheezy synth record, the music was not very good, but I knew I wanted one of those synths myself one day. Little did I know that this would be a lot harder to achieve than I thought. They were rare, and very expensive...until now that is. With the relatively recent rise in popularity of the 'analog synth sound' , more and more manufacturers offer analog synths, and as it turns out there are loads of modular systems out there too, quite a few of them are DYI, or offer the option to build your own.
A bit of research showed however that Synthesis Technology offered one of the best products. You get top quality electronics and hardware, a very clear and well documented manual, with very easy to follow build instructions if you decide to go along that path. Patience and a few good tools are all that is needed, but more on that another time.
I also fell in love with the no nonsense look, and the module size. Lusting after the pictures I saw on the Synthtech site, and elsewhere on the web, I made my choice to build my own MOTM synthesizer. While there are manufacturers out there that offer a greater variety in modules, I like the range Synthtech has to offer, and certainly now after having build a few, know that they are of very high quality, and that is always been one of my most important reasons. I want my synth to last a lifetime, and it looks very promising sofar. :-)

So now you know why , the next time I will tell you all about my first MOTM kit building experience.


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