Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Patch cables

This morning, the parcel I mentioned in an earlier post arrived.
It contained my patch cables that I ordered from Stooge Industries.
The cables are what is promised, good quality, great finish and with logo. Great stuff.
I inserted some of them in the modules I have, and they slot in with a reasurring fit and click.
This also shows the quality of the used switchcraft sockets on the modules.
The jacks on the cable are made by Rean, and feel sturdy. What I did notice was that some of the metal sleeves on the jacks were loose on arrival, but that was easily screwed tight. They probably had some bashing to endure during shipping from the US to here in the UK.

To start with I ordered 3 colors in 2 lengths. I need to get some experience still in making patches on the modular, and I am sure that I figure out a good method of using color codes etc to identify cables in an larger patch on a later stage. I will probably need longer cables and more colors in time, but I get going with these cables first.

If only my MOTM -650 midi/cv module had arrived yet (I've been told it will ship very soon), I am dying to put the MOTM 300 VCO through it's paces, and patch it in :-)

Oh yeah , my son loves them too ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like nice cable, I'll check them out when maybe I will build my own synth in the future.
synth boy from Sweden.

12:06 PM  

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