Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm Back :-)

I made it back, the kids had a great time , and lots of money spend, so I have to find another way to finance my little synth building hobby. :-)
Talking about money, I had the pleasure of a customs bill today, for a parcel that is stuck at their depot at the moment. The parcel contains some patch cables, (just 12 cables) and the charge is £30,-. Outrageous, but then again, what can I do. It's the first time I've been charged for anything, it may be because all other shipments so far have been kits, just a box with bits and pieces, which isn't realy worth charging in components I suppose.
Keep this in mind when you order parts from overseas. You could end up with unexpected extra charges.

By the way , If you are curious as to which patch cables I ordered, check out Stooge Industries.

They make nice ones with the Synthesis Technology logo printed on it. Check them out. Perhaps once you will have a patch like the below picture. (taken from their site, sorry guys, but I thought you wouldn't mind a little free advertising :-) )


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