Friday, May 05, 2006

MOTM 800 ADSR module kits builders take note!

There is a omission in the instruction manual for the MOTM 800 ADSR.
On the PCB's there are several through holes (holes that connect circuit tracks on one side of the PCB to tracks on the other side. ) On every other module in the MOTM range these holes need to be soldered through with the "organic flux solder' provided in the kit.
This is also the case for the MOTM 800, but some manual revisions do not have this in the instructions.
So before you start soldering on the parts that requier non clean solder (pots , wires etc), first solder all the remaining thru holes. There are not that many, and the module will probably work fine without doing it, but soldering them make it a much more reliable connection. I wrote Paul Schreiber from Synthesis Technology , and he confirms that they need to be soldered.
Aparently he was aware of the ommision and had corrected this in the past. However there seem to be some kits out there with manuals that do not have this correction, both my modules did not have it.

Happy soldering!


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