Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MOTM news.

Currently Synthesis technology is working on a new version of the proven MOTM 800 ADSR module. The MOTM -810 looping ADSR.
Although availability etc is not yet certain at this stage, I personally do not expect it to take too long before this module. Why? Because it is allready available as the MOTM 1800. This module is a Frac Rack compatible MOTM module (FracRack is a smaller design used by some other manufacturers). The Frac rack format modules (see photo) are exclusively available through the Analog Haven store in the US, are only available as ready build, No Kits.
Due to popular demand however, Synth Tech has decided to start offering this module in the original, large format too as the 810.
What is so special about a looping ADSR?
Well, as the name implies it is capable of looping. in other words, the ADSR envelope that you set up, can be looped with the push of a button, and repeated again and again. Therefore repeated again and again, it basically retriggers over and over, therefore you can adjust the enveloppe in realtime, and change it while it loops. See the picture of the 1800 below, expect the 810 to have very similar if not, the same features.

Imagine the new options here when you would patch it up and use as a kind of LFO signal, modulating a filter, a ring modulator, a VCO etc etc....


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