Saturday, June 17, 2006

About LFO's

MOTM 390:

The MOTM 390 is a dual LFO module, in a 1U width, also called the micromodule series.
It is the smaller brother of the 320, which has a wider frequency range (up to 2800Hz!!) , and this therefore makes the 390 less useful as a VCO should you wish to do so, but this doesn't mean it's a standard LFO.
The 390 has a nice range (Up to 200Hz on the voltage controlled LFO), and several waveforms available, so that it can be used for what a LFO is designed to do, MODULATE!
It is also cheaper, it sets you back only $139,- for the kit.
LFO 2 is voltage controlled, while LFO 1 has controls on the front panel.
The voltage control can be used to control the frequency of the LFO, or in other words the speed of the modulation.Here is just one example on how you could use it:
It can for example be controlled by an envelope from a MOTM 800 ADSR, or other. Feed the modulation to the cut off frequency of a filter(set to low pass, and appropriate resonance setting), and you get some seriously weird filter sweeps. You could then create a helicopter noise (feeding noise into the audio input of the filter) that kind of revs the engine rpm.
Doing it manually by using LFO 1instead, puts you in control of the rpm :-)

This LFO module is the next purchase for me. I was first thinking about getting the 320, but budget restrictions (I'm still recovering from the 650 purchase :-) ) and knowing that I currently do not have a lot of space for my modular, made me choose this one.
There is another LFO that could also be considered, as it has the same format, and it's the 380. This one has no voltage control, but has 4 independent waveform outputs (al fixed level, but independent rate set by front panel controls) which can be used independently, or up to sum of all 4, creating some strange summation shapes options.
Even though this module has a wider variety of shapes, it has a smaller range (up to 35Hz), and no voltage control, which I wanted to have for my first LFO. No doubt that the 380 will be added later.

So what lies ahead for the future of my modular? I'm not sure in which order, but some modules that are definitely included are: 101 (noise, for that helicopter above) , 310 (second VCO), 910 (multiple), and the brilliant sounding 440 filter. (check out the demo patches on the synth tech site, it is great! )
What's that, no ladder filter (Moog type)? Well perhaps at some point, but I have plenty other synths that mimic this, and my objective is to "add" to my available sonic palette.
For that matter Synthesis Technology is bound to have some interesting and exciting module releases in the future. Stay tuned!


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