Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sounds from a starter MOTM

Recently, a question was posted by another MOTM user on the Yahoo MOTM users group, that was planning (and buying) the following modules to start his synth with. Another user (Richard Brewster) who has a large modular, decided to demonstrate what can be done with just these modules, links to his sounds are below, and also how they were made.

As this list of modules closely matches mine in planned starter modules (I have a different filter, and still need to order the 101 , 910 and 390 modules) , I thought it was fitting to post this demonstration on this page too.
300 VCO
440 VCF
101 Noise / S+H
190 VCA
390 uLFO
800 EG (I suggest getting two)
910 Mult

Below is Richard's explanation on the patches plus the relevant links.

This uses the 190 Ring Modulator with the 300 VCO sine wave and the 440
as a sine wave oscillator. Half way through some pink noise is mixed in.

small glorp RM

This one also uses the 440 as an oscillator, but for dynamic linear FM
modulation of the 300. One VCA is used for the dynamic FM and the other
VCA is used for volume.

small glorp FM

The third patch uses the 440 as a filter and also uses Pulse Width
Modulation on the 300. The output goes in parallel through the two
VCAs, each controlled by an 800 EG. This is why you want two EGs. I
had no trouble using both EGs and both LFOs in these patches. It was a
little harder to find a place for both VCAs. This recording starts out
in mono, and at the 20-second mark I kicked in the Lexicon MPX-1 digital
post processor to add the "Classic Detune" effect. You can see how it
creates a lively stereo field but does not alter the essence of the
sound. The first two recordings also used the detune processing.

small glorp PWM on VCF

some patches needed multiples (the MOTM 910 is such a module) to split signals, but can also be done with Radio Schack Y adapters when you do not have the 910 , or another patchbay yet.

Richard Brewster's synth can be admired at Richard Brewster's MOTM .



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