Saturday, May 27, 2006

Case design part 2.

Having contacted some people on the MOTM users list, I received some info from Dave Fulton, band member of Dweller at the Treshold .
Below are some pictures of his beautiful synth cabinet (oak with rosewood inlays), but I want to make them of solid walnut.
He wrote that they may be commercially available in due time, estimated costs are $400,- each (exl shipping).
Anyway, it's the case I am going to 'copy', I love it's design, has 19" rack space between the sides too, so my current synth incl brackets will fit perfectly.
Enjoy the pics, and be sure to visit Dave's site!

Oh, and this is how it looks with more than one of these cases side by side! I want one!!! No, TWO!!


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