Monday, June 12, 2006

Still waiting....

Hi everyone.

I had hoped by now to be able to report about the delivery of my MOTM 650.
However, it still isn't here, and I am kind of sad that it isn't. As I don't own any pre midi synth, I am relying on this module to be able to play musically with the few modules I have so far.
I am not dissapointed with SynthTech however, it is a small company, and Paul is running it in his own free time, so delays can happen. Also in the case of a brand new module, initial demand is high, and I think the 650 has been on the 'shipping soon' list for a while.
As this blog is about my experiences with MOTM, however I thought that also this should be mentioned, for those of you considering starting your own DYI project. Delays can and will happen at some point, and all I can tell you is, if you are not the patient type, don't do it, I've ordered my MOTM 650 back in March, when it was announced to be in production and shipping, it is now nearly mid june......still waiting.... but still happy!


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