Thursday, June 15, 2006

MOTM 650 update

My MOTM 650 still isn't here, but there is a good reason for it.

As it turns out the manufacturer of the LCD displays that are used on the MOTM 650, has changed the specs of the displays somewhat sneaky. Paul Schreiber (synth tech) was unpleasantly surprised by this, and now has to modify the circuit board (and some resistors need changing) a little, to get it all working.
As it is a module that uses SMD (surface mount design/technology) it is not that easy as a pcb that uses traditional components.
My module is therefore not ready , along with several other customers orders I presume.
Anyway, this explains the wait, and also shows that Synthesis Technology is not to blame, and reputable as ever.
I wanted to pass this on to all (potential) MOTM interested people out there, incase you followed this blog, and started to doubt Synth tech.


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