Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh My God!!!! MOTM assembled only!

One of the main reasons I went with MOTM was the fact that I could build the modules myself, partly to brush up on my soldering technique, but also to save some money, and the fact that it offers that little bit extra in pride by being able to say " I build this thing!" .
as of 31 Dec 2006, that will be a thing of the past , Synth tech has announched that they will be offering ready assembled modules only from the mentioned date onwards.....

see the below link for details and reasons why.....

Needless to say : I understand the business reasons of the decision etc, and I hold no grudge or anything, but oh my god, I am seriously panicking on how I will be able to build my modular the way I want with the raised cost of ready build modules, etc, and will be missing the charm of being able to do it my self! Not happy at all for that, but what can I do about that, I don't want to compromise on quality ,and I've started allready on a synth, but oh my god........not happy... that's all that springs to mind at the moment.....


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