Saturday, June 24, 2006

Module Spotlight : MOTM 310

Only 1U wide, but still very capable. For those with little space, or a tighter budget, give this one a thought, it can be used to sync a MOTM 300, but is also pretty good as a standalone oscillator, for a portable system.

The MOTM-310 is a smaller, less-featured version of the MOTM-300 UltraVCO, but with the same great stability and tracking. The main use of the MOTM-310 is in conjunction with a MOTM-300. The MOTM-310 is great for driving a SYNC into a MOTM-300, or as the 2nd/3rd VCOs in a ‘voice’. It’s also the perfect sawtooth-driving VCO for a Blacet/Wiard MiniWave. The SHAPE control is a manual cross-fade between the SAW wave and the PULSE wave. Without a PWM input voltage, the PULSE is a 50% duty-cycle squarewave. The PWM input is a voltage of –5V to +5V (unattenuated) to alter the duty cycle from 0% to 100%. This input can be driven at audio frequencies, unlike other modulars. This will generate wonderful sidebands of harmonic energy, useful for “brash” or “buzzy” timbres. When driven with a –5V to +5V control voltage the range of the VCO is from 0.01Hz to over 25Khz. The module does not compromise performance in any way with the MOTM-300. It will track over 10 octaves within 0.5%, and the long-term temperature drift (after a 15 minute warm-up) is less than 0.5Hz per day. Your patches remain session-to-session, and the timbre of the system (VCOs and VCFs) are repeatable. This does not mean the MOTM-300/310 sounds “digital” or “cold”, but rather in a studio recording environment, you are not frustrated with drifting pitches and timbres. You can always add randomness to your patches, but you can’t take it out!


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