Sunday, July 02, 2006

NEWS: Beta firmware 1.1 for MOTM 650 released

A Beta version of the MOTM 650 firmware has been released for testing purposes. If proven 'bugfree' for all exsisting 650's out there, it will be released as the official version 1.1 and loaded in all backorder and future 650's.

Here is the list of changes/fixes/additionons:

* NOTE: Internal patch format changed with this version. Upgrading
to this version will restore factory default settings! Likewise,
downgrading to earlier versions will also restore defaults.
* NEW FEATURE! Solo Note Priority. See "Priority" menu item under
"Global Options" to select Last, Low, or High note priority.
* Fixed multiple sustain pedal release bugs.
* Bugfix - Sustain pedal mow works for arpeggiators.
* Bugfix - DAC no longer glitches on CV4.
* Bugfix - Midi messages no longer randomly dropped after External Clock
or Midi Clock sync selected.
* Bugfix - Arpeggiator, Note, and Voice Allocation code no longer randomly
change External Clock interrupt priority.
* Bugfix - Beat LED now works for External Clock if Midi Clock Transmit
option isn't set.
* Bugfix - Beat LED now works for Internal Clock on startup if Midi Clock
Transmit option isn't set.
* New Feature - Changed menu items found under Group Clock. Instead of
External, there is Ext. Reg and Ext. Irr. These are External Clock-Regular
Pulse and External Clock-Irregular Pulse,
respectively. Previously, the firmware assumed there was a regular pulse if
Midi Clock
Transmit was also enabled. Clocking features, such as clock divisors
and midi clock transmit, will work only if there is a regular clock
pulse. These features and their submenu items are disabled when the
Ext. Irr. clock is selected. If you are using a LFO to drive EXT CLK, that is
a 'Regular Pulse'. I
you are using say drum triggers, EG outputs, etc that is 'Irregular Pulse'.
* Bugfix - If Midi or Ext. Reg clock selected, then the arpeggiator will
now work in the absence of a clock. It will run at the clock rate it
last saw from the external or midi clock source.


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