Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MOTM update from Paul Schreiber

I have forwarded the initial ship list (~20 people) to Indiana. This is what I
expect will ship by Monday the 11th. It a tedious process to gather up the
orders (some folks sent in over *7* individual orders), charge the cards, type
up the modules, verify everything, etc. There are 5 folks that volunteered to
pre-charge their order back in late July: these will get shipped first.

Please get your debit/credit cards in order *this week* so I can smoothly get
everyone's order into the queue. If you did not get a phone call tonight, then
you are OK :) I'm giving everyone 1 extra week (this week) because in the US
it was a bank/work holiday, and the first of the month (rent). This first
batch will allow me to pay for the outstanding bills coming due in Sept and
the quarterly IRS tax bill (due the 15th, ack). No $$$ for *me*, but I can
wait a few more weeks.
But, next weekend, if I get a 'card declined' back from MC/VISA/Amex, the
order goes to the *rear* of the pile. Which means *November* delivery.

If you get an order and it's missing VCOs, power supplies or '510s, those are
not shipping now because of parts issues. The '510s need more rotary switches,
they are from the UK and due into US customs on the 12th. It will then take ~2
weeks to have them wired up into the assembly and then 1 more week to go to
Indiana and the kitting. The tempcos have arrived for the VCOs, I need to
build up the kits now. But this is after I ship this set of MOTM-650s I've been working on for 2 weeks.
Power supplies I am just low on but can drive
over to Allied and pick them up if it will stop raining (drought-to-flood in 1

The fun never stops :)
Lastly: if you are in an EU country, you *WILL NOT* receive solder with your
kits. You have to obtain it yourself. If you cannot get leaded solder, then be
SURE you get solder with 2% silver content.

Paul S.


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