Friday, September 29, 2006

Motm shipping update from Paul Schreiber

Indiana has shipped about 175 kits so far, with another 40 or so shipping early
next week. The SSM2404s have arrived for the '700 kits. If you have *received*
an order that was missing a '700 (mostly orders below #190) then your '700 will
ship in the middle of next week.

I expect to get '510 rotary switches wired up for the kits a week from tomorrow.

After these 40 kits ship, we (Indiana and I) are going to take a week off to
'rest' (BWAHAHAHA!) and to do inventory. I want to order what is required to
finish out the kit run. The goal is not to be short, but not to have excess
inventory either.

Here are important dates to remember:

Last day to order kits: Dec. 1st
Last day I work: Dec 15th
Day I return: Feb. 1st (I will answer email once a week)
Last day we ship kits: when they are all ready, but on midnight, Dec 2nd, the
kits are coming OFF the order form.

Paul S.

So if you still want a KIT, order NOW! December 1st it's all over, only assembled from then on, and not until feb 1st 2007 either!
K2K Koos


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