Thursday, September 28, 2006

Case design part 3

I've covered this topic before, and I just wanted to update you on my progress in this case.
I've finally finished working out the final dimensions, and have a good basic drawing of the case as I am going to build it.
Before however, I go and buy expensive real wood, I've decided to first construct the case from MDF, to see if there are any bottlenecks and plain mistakes made by me, better safe than sorry.
For those of you who who'd like to know what case it is, look at my previous posts on this topic. It is a case design inspired by the case that Dave Fulton uses for his synth (see DATT Online) . Also see the picture at this post for a more frontal (partial) view of the case. There are two of them side by side in this picture.
In my case (no pun intended), my ammount of modules is starting to grow, so by the time I have the prototype constructed I should be able to fill almost 2/3 of the case, as I've just returned from the SynthTech website, and ordered a MOTM-440 filter, a 910 patch panel, and a set of rack rails. This now makes the total modules on order for me at 4 (the 101, 390, 440, and 910).


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