Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MOTM Kit Status and blog status.

As you may know the deadline for ordering your MOTM kits is December 1, but pls be aware that some kits may sell out before this deadline is reached, so look at the 'in stock' level of the modules to see if you could still order one, or not. If the level is 0 you are out of luck and can only hope to order the module as assembled only, provided it's not a sell out item that will no longer be available (like the 510 for instance).

While December 1 will be a milestone in Synthesis Technology's history in that respect, I am looking forward to my first with this webblog, we are approaching 1000 visitors, and I am excited and motivated by that. Thanks to all who visit my blog, and don't forget to check out the adverts, the more you visit them (no purchase needed) the better, it will help me finance my MOTM hobby, and be able to write about it here for your reading pleasure. :-)


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