Friday, November 17, 2006

Synth Freak?

Ha ha, recently on another blog, I've been called a synth freak, basically my life is synths and nothing but. Thanks for the compliments of course, but no it's not 'that' bad. It's bad enough of course, but synths, as interesting as they are, for me are a tool to create sound, moods, music. Of course building one, means I can't hide the fact that I am also interested in their inner workings, and yes, a couple of nice knobs, combined with a black and white keyboard, and a mystical/mysterious, sometimes high tech appearance has an unexplained appeal to me. Perhaps I am a freak afterall, but there are other interests too, wine, fine food, cars, sports, and a whole lot of other things that interests me, but they do not belong on this blog, and that's why you may get only a onesided look of me, and you know what, that's just fine, the rest is my private life, and that's something I like too, so for now, till the next post! :-)

K2K Koos, synthfreak, synthbuilder, and Kurzweil K2000 afficionado :-)


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