Thursday, November 30, 2006

thank you!

Thank you Paul, and all that work with you at Synthesis Technology, for all the wonderful kits that you have produced over the years. I discovered MOTM too late, and have not build enough modules to satisfy me, let alone complete my synth as I have it in mind at the moment. I am also a little worried that the higher price point of the 'ready build' modules that you will continue to offer, is going to slow down my synths growth. For me the money saving aspect was key in the decision to go for MOTM, in addition to the high quality, and the fact that the kits are complete with all needed parts and manuals, no extra trips to the electronic stores, or thirdparty panels etc are needed, making the entire synth blend together.
I will miss the kits, eventhough I still have some on back order so it's not over yet. Still thank you, and I look forward seeing the new modules coming up getting into production.


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