Thursday, December 14, 2006

Post 92

No spectacular number , but it's coming up to new year, and I wonder if I manage to post 100 times before the year is out?
Who knows, what is more important to you readers is this:
My LFO is now in the UK, along with the rest of my synth, and myself. I added the set of rack rails to it and mounted it in a set of 19" frames, so it's now two modules into tier 2.
I know that a few modules are underway now, in time for christmas at my work address, but I am home :-( These are another 300, a 101 (I ordered this right after the LFO), a 440, a 910 (ordered with the 101), and a 510.)
After building these modules, tier 2 will be full, and will be one module into tier 3 , which is kind of sad, as that will (for now) be my last row, and will complete my initial (scaled down for size reasons) synth...

Pictures will follow.


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