Friday, December 08, 2006

Updated MOTM news: 960's, 910's, 890's

Latestst from Synth Tech.

1) We are out of MOTM-960 boards. I will order the parts for 50 more, if you do not receive a MOTM-960 by the 20th, they will ship after Christmas break (around Jan 8th or so).

b) Same is true for the MOTM-910 mult. I am switching over to a pcb design versus hand-wiring. I have to tweak the footprint of the new vertical jack, and have more pc boards made.

c) remember, if you live in the EU, I *cannot ship solder*. You will have to provide your own. Check the archives for vendors and part numbers.

d) I may have miscounted the MOTM-890 available kits. If this is so, I will refund your money via a credit cart transaction or PayPal payment. I may have additional blank boards, but no panels.

e) Indiana has decided to kit up all 375 modules and then ship en mass. The shipping begins tomorrow :) I am going to try to add PHP code (God help me) to the SQL Server so that I can issue a 'partial shipment' status email (right now, I have a 'shipping now' status but that is hard to apply to a partial shipment). I may not be able to figure it out, so if you get a 'shipping now' email, do NOT assume it is for *all* that you have ordered. I just means I suck at PHP.

Paul S.


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