Friday, December 29, 2006

Post 100 , another sound clip

Its been a while but finally, I have posted another sound clip in my download section. (top link on the ehh link section....)
The file name is MOTM FM with LFO. What I am doing here is a simple example what you can do to use an LFO signal (sine wave) as FM input on a VCO (on Sine wave) , followed by the same signal on a VCF (MOTM 420), with various settings of sensitivity, speed , cut off and resonance. Finally, I am using a Tri wave on the VCO, and the sine on the VCF simultaneously, with various speeds (all from the MOTM 390 lfo module). There is weird FMing bell like timbres, R2D2 bleeping, and fuzzy distortions etc all thrown into one simple patch. Only 1 VCO, 1 VCF, one ADSR (for the VCA), and one LFO module used. Oh and a very poorly performed little rif played on a badly placed keyboard, while sitting on the floor, tweaking the knobs and cables with my free hand.... It's all in the name of noise.... Oh by the way, this is post 100 :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


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