Sunday, January 07, 2007

The new pots

It has been reported before, and they've been shipping for a while now.
However, here is a picture. My MOTM 101 came delivered with a set of white pots, that replace the older blue Spectrol 149 pots.
They are physically smaller, but have the connection pins etc in the same location relative to the front of the pot compared to the older design, so mounting problems will not occur. The picture shows a new white design, along side a spectrol 148, which has the same dimensions as the blue version. Spectrol has apparently ensured that they are just as strong as the previous design, but just looking at it, I have reservations. Perhaps these are unjust, and time will tell, I just don't see how in this compacter housing, the pot shaft can have the same rigid support... Anyway, there is no way we can change anything about it, as this is apparently the way forward.


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