Thursday, February 08, 2007

VCO's and more.

We are on our way into the new year now, and my postings have been rare of late.
This was because I was out of town for business, and had very limited internet access, and when present, at depressing low speeds, so updating my blog was not very easy, sorry.
Anyway, the news on the MOTM front can be wrapped up as follows:
Work on the new Synthtech website is delayed, due to a 'real job' change by Paul Schreiber, the limited spare time he has left is going to be taken up trying to ship all out standing orders. (I still have a 910, a 550, and a 300 in that list), with the priority givien to the VCO's in the month of February. Hey, that means my second MOTM 300 VCO could be coming at any given time now :-)

But first I'll start building my MOTM-440 VCF, as that is still laying in a drawer waiting to be unpacked and build.... Guess I'll be doing some reporting on that in the next week or so.


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