Saturday, April 07, 2007

Traveling and an Airline Rant

First of , sorry all of you guys. I've been traveling a lot for work, and actually still am, so I haven't been able to update my blog very much, as basically, I have been out of touch with my own synth, and the MOTM synth community in general.
It seems a general trend at this time of year, even the Yahoo MOTM community is quiet, that is, I haven't seen a single post there, actually, one of mine is the last one I see, even after I refresh the page...

Anyway, traveling: Right now I find myself in Sao Paulo, Brasil, just got here after a long flight with American Airways from Miami... One question to you airline folks out there, why is it that seating is designed for midgets?
It's all very nice seeing commercials of smiling staff,sleeper beds and pillows etc, but the average traveller is still sitting like birds in a cage, I call it "cattle class", the price difference between that and the next step up is just crazy. Why not take one or two rows of seats out, so we get a little more leg space, and a bit more of a "comfort zone", and add $50,- to a ticket for the 'lost revenue", that would make all of us travellers a lot happier. :-) Certainly a bit more comfort is warranted, now that Concorde has been killed (still unbelievably stupid!) , all hopes of quicker travel at some point for mere mortals are gone, so if you want us in the air longer, (and being able to charge us a few drinks extra etc) the least you can do is offer some more comfort.

Anyway, traveling does give me some inspiration for new music, and that's the good part, not that I'll be composing anything soon, as I am too tired right now, I want a bed more than anything, as due to the above cramped seating, I could not get comfortable, and have not slept at all.... Sorry guys, this post turned into something else completely, I won't do that too often, but I feel better already :-)


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