Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 2007, one year blogging

Another milestone, I have been blogging for one year this month. Hip hip hooray (party hat on, champagne pooring :-) )

The latest news on the MOTM front is this:

a) Things were a bit sluggish the past week as I wrapped up (literally) the sale of my Moog 55. It took a friend and I about 4 1/2 hours to pack it all up. In it's place is an empty Stooge Larry cabinet. Maybe one day it will have MOTM modules in it (ha!). I also have the top 2-row cabinet, but that won't fit unless I remove an wall existing shelf. It's always something......

b) As previously stated, the focus this week is on assembled backlog. I will ship between 15 and 20 MOTM 2.0 orders, though later in the week (Friday/Sat).
The weekend is reserved for a few repairs I have to ship out. The week of the 14th will be a very minimal MOTM week as I have a new local sales rep that I have to "babysit" and take him to all the local Dallas accounts. But the week of the 21st I will be back to my 'regular' schedule (whatever that means).

c) There are a few older power supply/rails types of orders that will ship this week. I ran out of MOTM-900 kits, I will make more up.

d) I am shipping 20 Frac modules to AH tomorrow, if you want one now is a good time to get them. I will have prototypes of the Frac VCO in late June.

e) I just spent $480 on a set of new development tools/eval boards for a future project that may be a 'dead end' but hopefully not (hardware is a bit 'oblique'). The eval board was a total P.O.S. (I have designed eval boards for TI, Maxim and Cirrus Logic so I'm pretty sure I can recognize a P.O.S. eval board). In fact I have to hack it just to make it useable but it does look promising. More details to follow. This is just to show that I am *always* on the look-out for new ICs/etc that can be used in MOTM. This particular IC is not just for MOTM, I hope to make something any modular family can use (it's not a module per se).

Paul S.

Further to this news from Paul, The synth tech website has seen a very minor update, and now has some new pictures.
(reload the home page a few times to see them all)

As for my own synth, I'll be reporting on that in the next few days, first I'm off having champagne :-)


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