Thursday, April 12, 2007

Update MOTM and my Blog

Paul Schreiber recently informed us of the following:

- Several kits have been shipped out from the back log, and more to follow in the next few weeks. Also ready build modules have been shipped. Some items of MOTM 2.0 have been shipped. (MOTM 2.0 refers to products and services that Synthesis Technology is working with, after the demise of the original kit series, among which new bread boards.)
You can still build MOTM modules, but the term DIY is ever more the case: Synth tech still offers the PCB's, still offers the front panels and brackets, and also offers part bags with hard to find parts for a specific module, however, you will have to get the remaining parts elsewhere , from sources like Farnell, Newark, RS, Allied etc.
-Work is also being done on the new series of FRACRACK format modules, to be able to supply the Analog Haven store with a basic inventory.
-Work on a Mac version of the updater software is nearing beta status, and a non working version will soon be available for downloads, purely to see if it runs on a variety of Macs, and if it recognises all types of midi interfaces etc out there without problems.

In regards to my blog, we are approaching visitor number 3000, and the blog is nearly 1 year old. Time for a small party soon I think :-)


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