Thursday, December 02, 2010

MOTM-650 to be discontinued

 in a message from Paul Schreiber, the man behind Synthesis Technology, he confirms the MOTM-650 will be phased out. Below in his own words:

The MOTM-650 4ch MIDI-CV will be the 2nd retired module in 13 years, when the last 8 in the cart are sold.

I have run out of stuffed boards, jacks and panels. It is cost prohibitive to run more of this module based on the "sell rate"/maturity of the product.

The BLOWOUT price is $439ea ($60 off). The cart is updated. (, click ORDER tab, click MOTM Assembled modules tag).

In order to complete all 8, I have to get more jacks from Singatron, and they usually quote 7 week lead time. Also, due to Christmas/NAMM, these last 8 will not ship until Feb/March (based when the jacks get here, everything else is sitting here ready to go).

The '650 support will always be there: I have extra parts, CPUs, LCDs, etc for the next 20 years. Your investment is safe. After the 8 are sold, I will post up the schematics and the *binary* CPU code (NOT the source code, I do not have rights to it). If anyone wants a pre-programmed spare CPU (it's a 44-pin PLCC, in a socket) the cost is $12/free shipping. Email for details.

Also, in case you are wondering: no, I do not plan to "reissue" the '650. I may offer another MIDI-CV but it will NOT have dual arpeggiators or tuning tables. It would be stripped-down quite a bit. So again, the feature set of the '650 will still place it on the top of the pile (despite the issues in the current code). If there is another 5U MIDI-CV from me, it is at LEAST 6 months off, more likely 8-10. A MIDI-CV seems trivial at first until you start putting in all the expected features. It gets big quick! Jeff & Neil crammed every bit of RAM and Flash to get all those features in. Maybe someday they will release a V 1.4 for the '650 (you can update the firmware over MIDI using a Mac). But the hardware is costly (I just want to break even with these 8) and the sale rate is low.

Lastly: for those of you that bought a '650 in the last 90 days: email me and I'll refund you the new price difference.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my 'little hobby' for 12+ years. I am planning for 2011 already. Time to go solder!

Paul S.


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