Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A pre holiday update

SOme good news for Euro rack lovers : The new modules are now available for pre order since Tuesday December 15th.
Here are the details:

a) MOTM E340 and E350 modules will be available from pre-ordering on Tuesday from (US) and Schneidersburo in Germany. Also possibly PostModular in the UK (check their site). Google is your friend. I will add direct links on the NEWS page when they post-up on Tuesday. These have MOTM 4-pin +-15V connectors installed and will work in a MOTM system.

b) I will spend all of this coming week shipping all that I can (kits and assembled modules, a few rails/parts). The *last* day I am shipping is this Friday (the 18th). I will ship maybe 1 or 2 days between the 19th and Jan. 6th. It's a holiday :)

c) Extra full MOTM kits will be placed into the shopping cart Monday Dec. the 28th at 6PM Texas time, if you don't see them after a browser refresh that means lunch at the in-laws were overtime, the new time will be 9PM Texas time. I work on these kits every day. I will have *all* of them shipped out by Jan 11th *unless* I run out of wire. It's going to be close on a few of them.

This year is no different than the last 11: I will work the 18hr days to ship all that I can. At least I won't be doing pc board layout on Christmas Eve (no NAMM). Which I did 4 times over the years :(

Paul S.

Time to fill those stockings! :-)



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