Monday, September 21, 2009

New MOTM track

Hi all,

I've been noodling a bit again recently, and decided to create a cover of one of my favourite all synth tracks, which is Jean Michel Jarre's Arpegiator (Arpegiateur). The original can (only) be found on his 'Concerts In China' album.
I've used my MOTM mainly for the monophonic bass and arpegiated sounds on this track, complimented with some software synths and other poly synths.

As I have no other means of sharing it with you right now, it's currently posted on my myspace page, which is Project Aries. I've called the track the same, in french, Arpegiateur.
And while you are there, hope you enjoy my other works there too, I will update this track list in the next few months and replace some songs with some more recent work. :-)




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