Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Update

About 85% of the assembled backlog has been cleared, and efforts are being made to make sure everyone who is waiting for an order to arrive, will get at least something shipped before christmas.
In the meantime, development on an MOTM version of the E-350 is in full swing. One of the key differences is that it will have up to 8 wavetables, compared to the E's 3 sets.
The Euro modules of which the E-350 is one, are said to be slated for production around Nov 16th, with the modules becoming available hopefully before the holidays.
As mentioned previously, the Euro rack modules are a development to generate additional cash flow in the company, which will help fund the development of new "no-compromise" full size (5U) modules, as well as retooling some existing designs, now that some electronic parts are getting harder to come by, or available only in SMT technology. Additionally the euro format world gains some modules from a top manufacturer, with unique features not seen before in that format, or indeed anywhere else.
In any case, things are moving slowly forward at Synthesis Technology.



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