Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Update

Here is Paul Schreiber's latest info.

a) I have shipped all the kits orders I can, based on the kits I have built up. In order to *finish off* the kits, I need to make up the following

MOTM-190 (more, I already shipped 18 of them)

Based on my travel/work load, I won't be able to get these done until the end of March.

b) the week of March 15th is 'Spring Break' and I plan to catch up a LOT then on both the above kits and assembled modules. My Euro shipping is getting caught up (finally).

c) I have received the RR E350 Special Edition panels and will start to wire those up next weekend. The people that paid the deposit: I will send you an email when your module is *done* and expect the payment balance in < 4 days or the next in line gets it. It's going to *take a while* to do these, it's about 1 1/2 hours per module of handiwork. But they look cool.

d) semi-annual reminder: if you want tracking for your package, the shopping cart option is EMS Express. I *can* ship on Fed-Ex, especially if you already have a Fed-Ex account. Fed-Ex Ground (fully tracked in the US) is the *same price* as Priority Mail. It's 2X slower but trackable. I can also ship UPS but only for larger (over 15 pounds) packages because it's a pain.

If you want non-standard shipping, say so in the Comment box on the order form. Or email me.

And Happy Birthday to me, Feb. 15 was MOTM's 13th anniversary.

Paul S.


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