Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A pre holiday update

SOme good news for Euro rack lovers : The new modules are now available for pre order since Tuesday December 15th.
Here are the details:

a) MOTM E340 and E350 modules will be available from pre-ordering on Tuesday from (US) and Schneidersburo in Germany. Also possibly PostModular in the UK (check their site). Google is your friend. I will add direct links on the NEWS page when they post-up on Tuesday. These have MOTM 4-pin +-15V connectors installed and will work in a MOTM system.

b) I will spend all of this coming week shipping all that I can (kits and assembled modules, a few rails/parts). The *last* day I am shipping is this Friday (the 18th). I will ship maybe 1 or 2 days between the 19th and Jan. 6th. It's a holiday :)

c) Extra full MOTM kits will be placed into the shopping cart Monday Dec. the 28th at 6PM Texas time, if you don't see them after a browser refresh that means lunch at the in-laws were overtime, the new time will be 9PM Texas time. I work on these kits every day. I will have *all* of them shipped out by Jan 11th *unless* I run out of wire. It's going to be close on a few of them.

This year is no different than the last 11: I will work the 18hr days to ship all that I can. At least I won't be doing pc board layout on Christmas Eve (no NAMM). Which I did 4 times over the years :(

Paul S.

Time to fill those stockings! :-)


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December Update

It's been a while since there was some note worthy update, but Paul and Co have not been sitting idle. Sorting out issues with Pot suppliers, working on eurorack modules and the backlog have been the name of the game until now. Here is the latest:

a) kits will begin shipping later this week. I won't have every module kitted but over 1/2 of them.

b) extra kits go on sale 10PM Texas time Monday Dec 28th. ( Ed: these are kits of the current model range going back into the online shop for a while, extra after holiday gift ideas perhaps?)

c) I will ship until Friday Dec. 18th, then start back up again around Dec 30th.

d) I'm doing all I can to ship as much as I can, to as many people as I can. I will respond to individual "where is my stuff" emails mid-week. I need to get the 2 Euro modules to the SMT assembly house as #1 priority the next few days, then I can 'relax' and get back to MOTM until they get sent to me around the 21st.

Paul S.