Wednesday, April 14, 2010

E340+E350 sounds by Robert Rich

It's been quite a while that I had anything to write here. Not much has happened in my own MOTM world, and it's been relatively quiet on the news and updates front too. Synth Tech is hard at work though, developing and bringing to production new future modules, and working away the backlog of orders.
Some of the new modules (in Euro rack format, and sometime in the future also in 5U format) are the E340 and E350, for which Robert Rich has made a few demos: Here the story as it is:

Here are 4 snippets of the E340 & E350 recorded by Robert Rich in rehearsal.
This upcoming tour info is here:

There are 4 synth tracks that are sequenced via Ableton Live. There is a
Korg Wavestation "pad", the other 3 are all MOTM voices as follows:

#1: E340 Cloud >> MOTM-440 VCF (P5 rev 2 type)
#2: E350 MT >> MOTM-480 VCF (CS-80 type)
#3: custom CS-80 VCO >> MOTM-490 Moog ladder VCF

Module information is here:

Paul S.