Monday, December 06, 2010

MOTM backlog shrinking further.

Paul updates us on the status of the backlog and more.  Below is the latest on the backlog and more. TJ

a) I have a few extra MOTM-510 modules/panels/extra parts kits (not many, just a few) put into the cart.

b) Shane will have the MOTM-440 pc boards finished tomorrow. I need to make up a few kit shortages this week before I can ship kits out. I am going to finish this week a set of 420s/410s/490s so I can ship after I get my wisdom teeth out. Yes, it's always something here at the ranch.

c) I will clear out the repair backlog the week of the 27th. This is my "vacation" time (oh, really?) and this year it's allocated for repairs and getting ready for NAMM. I will be updating the website this week as well. I haven't touched it in over a year. But as the competitive landscape shifts  (shades of 1999! I need a mission statement!) I need to at least keep the site updated twice a year.

d) I will be shipping out that last week of December (usually I don't) because I am running behind 8 days now.

e) I have ordered the jacks to finish out the MOTM-650 pc boards already stuffed, they are quoting a 9-11 week lead time (and then, I will have 800 extra jacks.) There are 5 or 6 left in the cart. There is no deadline, except when they run out.

I'm working 6-12 hours/day on the backlog, doing as much as I possibly can. Please bear with me, you will get your stuff.

Paul S.


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